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Know someone racing NYC or another upcoming marathon?

Support your runner.

Get step-by-step instructions to plan your route.

Be a race-day hero!

Running a marathon requires months of training, a high tolerance for pain, and an intimate familiarity with a product called Body Glide. Fortunately for you, watching a marathon involves none of the above! 

Doing just a little bit of planning and preparing of your own will make things a lot more fun and enjoyable for you on race day, while also allowing you to be the best possible cheerleader, photographer, and crew member for your runner.

Matt and Cindy Kuzma—a pair of experienced runners, spectators, and writers—bring you this step-by-step guide to watching your first or best 26.2-mile adventure. Buy it to learn to support the runner in your life. Runners, buy it for your friends and family; place them in our capable hands so you can focus on your race!